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About me

I began to program in 1988 when learnt Basic and assembler of Intel 8080. Then my father and me built our very first computer using chips that we bought at the marketplace. Since then a lot of things have been changed, born and died in the computer world but experience and skills which I gained then are still strong background for me.

So happen I used to do all by my own hands. It seems for me the question "What's thing_a?" means "How does thing_a work?" I wrote lexical analyzers, CPU emulators, 3d graphics tools, interfaces, report generators and many others. A lot of these left unfinished but understanding of background processes is vital experience that I have as result of my work.

I like programming. It's my job and my habit. As the matter of fact it's only I can do. I hope I do it better then many others.

I publish here useful results of my experiments. You are welcome any comments. Write me here.
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Here is my resume.