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AdaSablot is an Ada binding of Sablotron an open source XSLT processor written in C++. AdaSablot is compiled with GNAT 3.13p under Windows and Linux, but it seems it should be portable. It uses Sablotron 0.70 libraries.

AdaSablot is licensed using a GNAT's modified version of the General Public License (GPL). It's very first release and could have errors. It is distributed without any warranty.

You can take it at Any comments and questions could be sent to the author.


  • Shortcuts. All processing in one call. It allows you process XML/XSL text or URL.
  • Xslt Processor interface allows configuring processor to use log facilities, set parameters and arguments, base URI, scheme handlers.
  • Scheme handler interface is used to provide handler for schemes different from default two (file: and arg:).

Scheme Handlers

Sablotron understands only two URI schemes by default (file: and arg:). You can supply your own scheme handler to extend this functionality. There is abstract type in package Sablotron.Schemes named Scheme_Handler. To provide your own scheme handler you should derive a new type from Scheme_Handler, create an Object of this type and register it using Register_Shemes procedure. Any Xsl_Processor is created after this will be able to get date from new scheme.


  • hello.adb - shows how to process xml represented as String.
  • scheme_test.adb - example how to define http: scheme handler. It use Ada Web Server to get data form http server.

How to compile

  • Download and install Sablotron 0.70 and Expat libraries from
  • (Under Windows) Make import libraries for DLL files using mklib.bat command file.
  • Compile examples using mk.bat or