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Ada_Xslt is a binding of a XSL transformation engine. It enables XSL transformation in any Ada program. It uses Sablotron or Gnome libxslt libraries. Ada_Xslt is distributed under GNAT's modified version of the General Public License (GPL). It's very first release and could have errors. It is distributed without any warranty.

Sablotron is an open source XSLT processor written in C++.

libxslt is a part of GNOME project and it's written in C.

Both libraries availabe on variety of platforms including MS Windows and Linux.

Download sources from here.

Compiling under Linux is simle as gnatmake test_xslt.adb

To compile under Windows download libxslt port for windows or Sablotron. Put DLL in source Ada_Xslt directory. In case of gnome port you need iconv.dll, libxml2.dll and libxslt.dll. For Sablotron you need sablot.dll and expat.dll. Start mk_lib.bat to make libraties then compile example gnatmake test_xslt.adb


  • test_xslt.adb - shows how to process xml represented as String.
  • test_mt.adb - example how to use binding in multitasking environment