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Maxim Reznik

40, Kuznetsova, Flat 26, Zaporozhye 69120, Ukraine
ICQ: 18702307
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Career Objective

Programmer Analyst, Oracle DBA

Skill summary

  • Oracle7.1/8.0.5/8.1.5/8.1.6
  • SCO v3, UnixWare 7, Linux, MS Windows NT
  • SQL, PL/SQL, C++, Ada95, Delphi, Java, asm386

Experience in short

over 10 years experience in programming; both strong theoretical background and great practical experience in relational RDBMS


1996 - present : Joint Stock Bank "Metallurg", Zaporozhye, IT Dept
Position: Senior SW Engineer
Major Responsibilities:

  • work in team for designing and improving multi-user, client/server application - the main book-keeping division system
  • administration of RDBMS Oracle (installation, configuring, tuning, backup-recovery)
  • learn new technologies and teach colleagues

  • 1996-1997. Book-keeping system was designed and set up. It introduced much automation and increased labour productivity. Introduced technology of Delphi+Oracle applications.
  • 1997-1999. Functionality of Book-keeping was significantly expanded. Introduced team development technology using control version system. Tuned perfomance of RDBMS. Acquired experience in DBA.
  • 1999. System was moved to new hardware/software base. New RDBMS Oracle 8.0.5 for Linux and new hardware extremely raised perfomance of the system.
  • 1999-2000 Done bank-wide data warehouse. It allowed to store historical data in high available maner and perform analytic queries. Acquired experience in data warehousing.
  • 2000-2001 Moving to Oracle 8.1.7 fixed many RDBMS bugs. Acquired experience in hot database backup and dublication.

2001 - 2001: Municipal Land Management, Zaporozhye
Position: contract
Major Responsibilities:

  • design multi-user client/server application for accounting land ownership.

  • 2001. Application provided aid in recording and ordering ownership information. It automated process of land certificate inquiring. It allowed to finish citywide certification process in short term.

1995 - 1996: Joint Stock Bank "AvotzazBank", Zaporozhye, Automated Banking Dept
Position: Senior Engineer
Major Responsibilities:

  • participation in the projects on automating of the Currency Division
  • developing the program for currency exchange points which was certified by the National Bank of Ukraine and approved for use

  • familiarized with Oracle products and acquired basic skills in SQL, PL/SQL
  • completed program for currency exchange points


  • 1989 - 1994: Zaporozhye State University, Mathematical Dept
    Major: Applied Mathematics
  • 1999 Kiev Oracle Education Centre, "Oracle Administration" lessons

Ada 95 related volunteer works

  • Writing a compiler for Quirks universal virtual machine at sourceforge
  • Ada binding Sablotron and Gnome XSL translator libraries. Look here.
  • Gzip decompresor written in Ada. Sources alailable here.
  • Patching AdaSocket allows to run AdaBroker under MS Windows.
  • Found bug (ECR6505) in Object Ada 7.2. Report was sent to support.
  • Works had done before reading "Ada quality and style": SAX XML parser, 3d engine based on OpenGL, ASIS based Ada sources documentation tool.

References available upon request